WMHC | Services for Homeless

WMHC provides high quality support to vulnerable individuals

WMHC provide high quality support to vulnerable individuals who are struggling to find housing. We also provide training/education & employment opportunities, access to drug/alcohol intervention groups, access to food banks and other general support covering many aspects such as improving budgeting skills, accessing benefits, staying healthy and much more. To summarise on the support aspect, our aim is to increase living skills, enabling our service users to become more independent.

wmhc houses

The requirements to be housed with WMHC are that the service users need to be of a low income (work less than 15 hours a week), be between the ages of 18-80 , be on benefits (universal credit, job seekers allowance, pension credit, personal independence payment)

WMHC provides support to these individuals while taking into account their support needs. For example a service user with depression and anxiety will receive weekly support sessions, in these support sessions they will be allocated a specific  support worker who will help these individuals with problems that they are facing e.g. signing up to a doctors surgery or giving them a hygiene plan to benefit their physical health by supporting them.